Noa A. Mills

Committed to Revolutionizing the Education System

Noa Mills went through elementary, middle and high school like everyone else with the exception of one small detail. Classified as a gifted student moving from Pennsylvania to Delaware in the fifth grade, Noa, her parents, and members of the Delaware school system would find themselves customizing her educational experiences, so much so that instead of three schools between elementary and high school alone, she attended 8. Each year was met with new challenge advocated by her parents and tireless efforts to ensure that she was never bored as an abstract thinker, testing 4 grade levels ahead of where she was upon being tested on arrival in a new state. Each year it was discussed what could be done to keep her attention in class, from extra work, to outside assignments, to total displacement of classrooms and being placed in higher grade level classes throughout the day, and so forth around the clock. 

Taking her first college courses in the eleventh grade as an Education Studies major through dual enrollment, teaching her first business college course at 16 at Wilmington University, writing her first book at 16 and acquiring 20 certifications and counting from Masters programs from the likes of Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, MIT and more at 22 before graduating undergrad, she has taken it upon herself to put her educational journey in her own hands outside of her primary classrooms.

Consequently, having had the opportunity to be in a multitude of classrooms, finding that not everyone had the village, the parents, the network and support that she had, while also feeling like there was much more to experience, learn and to be given to students, she decided at a very young age to devote her passion to reforming the educational system from the top down. From the way that students are treated, to the resources and information they receive, and all other encompassing factors that prohibit true heights in learning, she has made it her business to advocate for a better classroom today for the students of tomorrow.